At its core, the music this spring asks, “What is Revolutionary in music?”  We have selections from several artists whose work is in this theme as well as pieces that showcase different parts of the orchestra.  The juxtaposition of classic and modern offers us a chance to draw parallels between music and musical personalities of the past and present.  You may be surprised by how Beethoven and Stravinksy handled themselves in their times!  Here is footage of the Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra, playing one of our pop instrumental tracks:

Schedule for 1/20

4pm – Libertango
4:20 – El Choclo
4:30 – Pulcinella
5pm – Egmont – Focus on ending section – Allegro con brio
5:30pm – break
5:50pm – Dvorak – Up to Rehearsal 9
Egmont –


Selections from Pulcinella (music coming at next rehearsal):


El Choclo –

Libertango –